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11.5 Debug-blocks

Debug-blocks contain information pertinent to a specific range of code in a debug-function.

Macro: do-debug-block-locations (code-var debug-block {result}) {form}*

This macro executes each form in a context with code-var bound to each code-location in debug-block. This returns the value of executing result (defaults to nil).

Function: debug-block-successors debug-block

This function returns the list of possible code-locations where execution may continue when the basic-block represented by debug-block completes its execution.

Function: debug-block-elsewhere-p debug-block

This function returns whether debug-block represents elsewhere code. This is code the compiler has moved out of a function’s code sequence for optimization reasons. Code-locations in these blocks are unsuitable for stepping tools, and the first code-location has nothing to do with a normal starting location for the block.