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3.8 Information Commands

Most of these commands print information about the current frame or function, but a few show general information.

help, ?

Displays a synopsis of debugger commands.


Calls describe on the current function, displays number of local variables, and indicates whether the function is compiled or interpreted.


Displays the current function call as it would be displayed by moving to this frame.

vprint (or pp) {verbosity}

Displays the current function call using *print-level* and *print-length* instead of *debug-print-level* and *debug-print-length*. verbosity is a small integer (default 2) that controls other dimensions of verbosity.


Prints the condition given to invoke-debugger and the active proceed cases.

backtrace {n}

Displays all the frames from the current to the bottom. Only shows n frames if specified. The printing is controlled by *debug-print-level* and *debug-print-length*.