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12.1 Populating the cross-reference database

Variable: c:*record-xref-info*

When non-NIL, code that is compiled (either using compile-file, or by calling compile from the listener), will be analyzed for cross-references. Defaults to nil.

Cross-referencing information is only generated by the compiler; the interpreter does not populate the cross-reference database. XREF analysis is independent of whether the compiler is generating native code or byte code, and of whether it is compiling from a file, from a stream, or is invoked interactively from the listener.

Alternatively, the ::xref option to compile-file may be specified to populate the cross-reference database when compiling a file. In this case, loading the generated fasl file in a fresh lisp will also populate the cross-reference database.

Function: xref:init-xref-database

Reinitializes the database of cross-references. This can be used to reclaim the space occupied by the database contents, or to discard stale cross-reference information.