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2.16.6 Search-List Operations

These operations define and access search-list definitions. A search-list name may be parsed into a pathname before the search-list is actually defined, but the search-list must be defined before it can actually be used in a filesystem operation.

Function: extensions:search-list name

This function returns the list of directories associated with the search list name. If name is not a defined search list, then an error is signaled. When set with setf, the list of directories is changed to the new value. If the new value is just a namestring or pathname, then it is interpreted as a one-element list. Note that (unlike Unix pathnames), search list names are case-insensitive.

Function: extensions:search-list-defined-p name
Function: extensions:clear-search-list name

search-list-defined-p returns t if name is a defined search list name, nil otherwise. clear-search-list make the search list name undefined.

Macro: extensions:enumerate-search-list (var pathname {result}) {form}*

This macro provides an interface to search list resolution. The body forms are executed with var bound to each successive possible expansion for name. If name does not contain a search-list, then the body is executed exactly once. Everything is wrapped in a block named nil, so return can be used to terminate early. The result form (default nil) is evaluated to determine the result of the iteration.