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11.9 Source Translation Utilities

These two functions provide a mechanism for converting the rather obscure (but highly compact) representation of source locations into an actual source form:

Function: debug-source-start-positions debug-source

This function returns the file position of each top-level form as a vector if debug-source is from a :file. If debug-source-from is :lisp or :stream, or the file is byte-compiled, then the result is nil.

Function: form-number-translations form tlf-number

This function returns a table mapping form numbers (see code-location-form-number) to source-paths. A source-path indicates a descent into the top-level-form form, going directly to the subform corresponding to a form number. tlf-number is the top-level-form number of form.

Function: source-path-context form path context

This function returns the subform of form indicated by the source-path. Form is a top-level form, and path is a source-path into it. Context is the number of enclosing forms to return instead of directly returning the source-path form. When context is non-zero, the form returned contains a marker, #:****HERE****, immediately before the form indicated by path.