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2.9.1 The Graphical Interface

CMUCL has an interface to Motif which is functionally similar to CLM, but works better in CMUCL. This interface is documented in separate manuals CMUCL Motif Toolkit and Design Notes on the Motif Toolkit, which are distributed with CMUCL.

This motif interface has been used to write the inspector and graphical debugger. There is also a Lisp control panel with a simple file management facility, apropos and inspector dialogs, and controls for setting global options. See the interface and toolkit packages.

Function: interface:lisp-control-panel

This function creates a control panel for the Lisp process.

Variable: interface:*interface-style*

When the graphical interface is loaded, this variable controls whether it is used by inspect and the error system. If the value is :graphics (the default) and the DISPLAY environment variable is defined, the graphical inspector and debugger will be invoked by inspect or when an error is signalled. Possible values are :graphics and :tty. If the value is :graphics, but there is no X display, then we quietly use the TTY interface.