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3 Request Protocol

3.1 Request format

16 bitsrequest opcode
8 bitsrequest flags (0=nothing, 1=require confirm)
8 bits& argument count (unused)

At the moment, the request flags field is used only to indicate whether the Lisp client desires a confirmation message when the request is finished processing. If the request returns any values, this counts as the confirmation. Otherwise, an empty confirmation message will be sent.

3.2 Server reply format

32 bitsresponse tag
restreturn data (if any)

The response tag can have the following values:@[2mm]

CONFIRM_REPLYconfirmation (for synchronization)
VALUES_REPLYreturn values from a request
CALLBACK_REPLYa widget callback has been invoked
EVENT_REPLYan X event handler has been invoked
ERROR_REPLYan error has occurred
WARNING_REPLYa non-fatal problem has occurred
PROTOCOL_REPLYa protocol callback has been invoked