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40.15 Memory Layout

CMUCL has four spaces, read-only, static, dynamic-0, and dynamic-1. Read-only contains objects that the system never modifies, moves, or reclaims. Static space contains some global objects necessary for the system’s runtime or performance (since they are located at a known offset at a known address), and the system never moves or reclaims these. However, GC does need to scan static space for references to moved objects. Dynamic-0 and dynamic-1 are the two heap areas for stop-and-copy GC algorithms.

What global objects are at the head of static space???

   FLAGS (RT only)
   BSP (RT only)
   HEAP (RT only)

In addition to the above spaces, the system has a control stack, binding stack, and a number stack. The binding stack contains pairs of descriptors, a symbol and its previous value. The number stack is the same as the C stack, and the system uses it for non-Lisp objects such as raw system pointers, saving non-Lisp registers, parts of bignum computations, etc.