News: what happened in 2001
Experimental binaries, similar to the upcoming 18d release, are available in the binaries directory of the download sites.
Experimental binaries for OpenBSD/x86 have been uploaded to the experimental directory of the download sites.
A number of mirror sites have been make available.
The primary CMUCL server was taken offline unexpectedly, due to a move of the hosting company. The mailing lists are still running, but CVS and FTP/HTTP downloads are currently unavailable.
Added pointer to PGPLOT-CL to the Ports page.
Improvements to the way subsystems are loaded: the modules: pathname is initialized correctly, to make things like (require :clx-library) work. Also, the features :NO-CLX, :NO-HEMLOCK which are used to control subsystem compilation during the build phase are no longer present in the final cores.
Various ANSI compliance fixes: :CLTL2, :DRAFT-ANSI-CL, :X3J13 features removed. Changes in the precedence lists of certain conditions: for example NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD now subclasses TYPE-ERROR.
Beginnings of a FAQ.
A new version of the EncyCMUCLopedia (compendium of documents related to CMUCL) has been released.
New web pages go live.
Bugfix for printing of bit vectors (printer was incorrectly respecting radix and base control variables). Also bugfixes to pretty printing of vectors.
Changes to DEFMACRO processing, to improve ANSI compliance. It now has compile-time effect only when at top-level.
improvements to disassembly listings on x86 and SPARC.
o Sparc v9 instructions are longer so make the opcode column wider.
o Allow printing of integer registers to use the Sparc register names
  instead of the Lisp names.
o Add support for printing various notes during disassembly:
  o Assembler routines, foreign functions, and foreign constants
  o The value of constants in the code header
  o References to static symbols
  o Notes about pseudo-atomic stuff
  o Some hints on header-word types
Linux RPMs available at
Changes to PCL (the CLOS implementation included with CMUCL) to remove code for other Common Lisp implementations.
CMUCL is reported to segfault on linux 2.2 with the bigmem patch and the CONFIG_2GB option (certain distributions ship kernels with these patches applied). It works ok using the option CONFIG_1GB.
Changes to PROCLAIM and DECLAIM to be more ANSI-compliant. PROCLAIM no longer has a compile-time effect, so many old uses of this should use DECLAIM instead.
The directory src/bootfiles/18c contains a number of files required to bootstrap compilation from the 18c release. See the README in that directory for usage.
A PowerPC backend has been contributed by Gary Byers. Work is underway to revive the code.
A port of the XML parser from Franz Inc is available from ports/xmlutils. The port does not support Unicode, since CMUCL has no support for extended character sets.